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Mika luv you too......and Ichi
United States
I have radominitis.
I am a happy go lucky kick ass person!
I will find you, out of love.
Don't try me, or to run, or to call the popos!
It won't hurt that much, sit back and enjoy it!!

:iconichigorape-faceplz::icongrimmjowrapeface2plz: :iconhichigorapefaceplz: :iconaizenrapefaceplz: :iconrenjirapefaceplz:

MY FAVORITE ICONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Current Residence: Your mom's house
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Go f yourself
Print preference: none
Favourite genre of music: Rock, J-pop, and metal
Favourite photographer: my stalker =_=
Favourite style of art: Anime!!!
Operating System: windows
MP3 player of choice: i don't know and I don't give a shit!!
Shell of choice: what the fuck is a shell?!
Wallpaper of choice: Bleach, and your mom!
Skin of choice: O.o (Im black on tuesdays!)
Favourite cartoon character: Ichigo Kurosaki!!!!!!
Personal Quote: '' I'm your personal stalker, I will rape you :D


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:gallery: :gallery: :gallery: :gallery: :gallery:

(~ ̄▽ ̄)~
(╮-)╮┳━┳ (╯□)╯ ┻━┻
(•_•)......( •_•)>⌐■-■......(⌐■_■)

Ok so Iv'e been writing Fanfictions for over 4 years now and I'm mostly into GrimmIchi, Bleach pairings. And usually yaoi, thankyou. Anywho I do take request for stories dedicated to people for points. I am a yaoi fanfiction writer so I don't do OC work either!

:icongrimmichiplz: :iconsasunaruplz: :icongeritaplz:

One-shot: 5 points :points:

Two-shot: 7 points :points:

Three-shot: 10 points :points:

Five-shot: 15 points :points:

:iconbowplz: :iconbowplz: :iconbowplz: :iconbowplz: :iconbowplz:

Speacial request are one-shot pairings that are based from one of my stories I already created, are 7 points :points: as well and for every smut scene it's 2 :points: more, or you can just donate out of good will too!

And I take my work very seriously, and will write about certain pairings, you can also be as specific as you want with your pairings.

:deviation: :deviation: :deviation: :deviation: :deviation:



My Favorite Semes With My Favorite Constant Ukes No Matter What:

:icongrimmjowplz: X :iconichigosmileplz:

:icongreedlingplz: X :iconedplz:

:iconokumurayukioplz: X :iconokumurarinplz:

:iconitachi--plz: X :iconnarutoblushplz:

:icongajeelredfoxplz: X :iconnatsudragneel-plz:

:iconsexygermanyplz: X :iconukeitalyplz:

:iconchosokabeplz: X :iconmasamune-icon:

:iconizaya-orihara-kun: X :iconheiwajima--shizuo:

Pairings I seem OK with... :

I have plenty, especially in Bleach, but I'm gonna TRY to keep it at a minimum...

Bleach: Grimmjow x Ichigo, Shirosaki X Ichigo, Starrk X Ichigo, Ulquiorra X Ichigo, Nnoitora X Ichigo, Ggio X Ichigo, Kensei X Ichigo, Kenpachi X Ichigo, Renji X Ichigo, Shuhei X Ichigo, Shuhei X Renji, Byaku X Ichigo, Aizen X Ichigo, Gin X Shirosaki, Isshin X Ryuken, Urahara X Shinji, Nnoitora X Shinji, Byakuya X Renji, Ilfort X Szayel, Gin X Kira, Shuhei X Kira, Kon X Ichigo, Gin X Hitsugaya, Kokuto X Ichigo, Aizen X Grimmjow, Shunsui X Ukitake, Mayuri X Ishida, Ikkaku X Yumichika, Komamura X Ichigo, Chad X Ishida, Isshin X Ichigo, Kaien X Ichigo, Renji X Hanatarou, Akon X Shuhei, Aizen X Gin, Grimmjow X Ulquiorra, Urahara X Ichigo, Urahara X Kon, Zangetsu X Shirosaki, Nnoitora X Grimmjow, Shirosaki X Tensa, Hyorinmaru X Muramasa, Hyorinmaru X Ichigo, Hyorinmaru X Hitsugaya, Starrk X Grimmjow, Muramasa X Ichigo, Muramasa X Shirosaki, Aizen X Shinji, Aizen X Urahara, Senbonzakura X Byakua, Senbonzakura X Ichigo, Shirosaki X Kon X Ichigo, Grimmjow X Shirosaki, Gin X Szayel, Ilforte X Grimmjow

*Don't look at me like that, I said I would try, besides most of those pairings are so CANON in the actual anime! O w O*

Full Metal Alchemist: Mustang X Edward, Envy X Edward, Scar X Edward, Ling/Greed X Edward, Hughes X Edward, Havoc X Edward, Alphonse X Edward, Ling X Alphonse, Hughes X Mustang, Greed X Edward

Blue Exorcist: Yukio X Rin, Mephisto X Rin, Amaimon X Rin, Ryuji X Rin, Renzo X Rin, Shiro X Rin, Shiro X Yukio, Renzo X Yukio, Igor X Rin, Igor X Yukio, Mephisto X Amaimon, Angel X Yukio X Rin, Reiji X Rin, Shiro X Mephisto

Naruto: Sasuke X Naruto, Itatchi X Naruto, Itatchi X Sasuke, Sai X Naruto, Kiba X Naruto, Kakuzu X Hidan, Kakashi X Iruka, Kakashi X Sasuke X Naruto, Orochimaru X Naruto, Gaara X Naruto

Fairy Tail: Gajeel X Natsu, Gray X Natsu, Laxus X Natsu, Loke X Natsu, Zeref X Natsu, Jellal X Natsu, Cobra X Natsu, Loke X Gray

Hetalia: Germany X Italy, America X Japan, Spain X Romano, France X England, Hong Kong X China, Russia X Lithuania, Latvia X Sealand, Prussia X Switzerland, Denmark X Norway, Sweden X Finland, Turkey X Greece, Cuba X Canada, Russia X China, Poland X Lithuania, Germania X Roman Empire

Durarara: Izaya X Shizuo, Izaya X Masaomi, Izaya X Mikado, Masaomi X Mikado

Soul Eater: Stein X Spirit, Giriko X Justin

Black Cat: CreedXTrain, Sven X Train, Charden X Train

XXXHolic: Doumeki X Watanuki, Haruka X Watanuki

Tsubasa Chronicle: Kurogane X Fai

Black Butler: Sebastian X Ciel, Claude X Sebastain, Alois X Ciel, William X Grell X Knox, Undertaker X Ciel, Undertaker X Grell, Sebastain X Grell

Baka and Test: Yuji X Akihisa, Yuji X Hideyoshi, Kota X Akihisa, Kota X Hideyoshi, Toshimitsu X Akihisa, Yuji X Kota

Loveless: Soubi X Ritsuka, Kio X Ritsuka, Seimei X Ritsuka, Youji X Natsuo X Ritsuka

Fruits Basket: Yuki X Kyo, Hatsuharu X Kyo, Shigure X Ayame, Ayame X Kyo, Hatori X Momiji, Kakeru X Yuki

Code Geass: Suzuka X Lelouch, Mao X Lelouch, Lloyd X Suzuka, Li X Lelouch, Schneizel X Lelouch, Gino X Lelouch, Lelouch X Rolo,

Kekkaishi: Gen X Yoshimori

Gravitation: Yuki X Shuichi, Tatsuha X Shuichi, Hiro X Shuichi, Ryuichi X Shuichi, Tohma X Yuki, Claude X Shuichi, Claude X Hiro, Hiro X Suguru

Wolf's Rain: Tsume X Toboe, Tsume X Kiba

07-Ghost: Ayanami X Teito, Frau X Teito, Mikage X Teito

Shugo Chara: Ikuto X Tadase, Kukai X Tadase, Kukai X Nadeshiko, Kukai X Kairi, Kairi X Tadase

Death Note: L X Light, Teru X Light, Matsuda X Light, Aizawa X Light, Mello X Matt X Near, Kyosuke X Light, Reiji X Light, Kyosuke X Reiji, L X Mello X Near

Final Fantasy: Vincent X Cloud, Sephiroth X CloudReno X Cloud, Snow X Hope, Rude X Reno

Sengoku Basara: Motochika X Date, Yukimura X Date, Kojuro X Date, Motochika X Date, Sasuke X Yukimura, Takeda X Kenshin, Nobunaga X Date, Toyotomi X Date, Toyotomi X Takenaka, Kojuro X Takenaka

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Iv'e been under a lot of stress because of classes....I'm in my last year of school and I'm failing English. Yeah, poetry is hard as fuck. But anyways, Iv'e been too distracted to be online. I still draw once in a while, and I know I should go back to writing to. But I'm loosing so much inspiration...
  • Listening to: Dubstep
  • Reading: Bleach
  • Watching: Nothing
  • Playing: Music...?
  • Eating: Sushi
  • Drinking: Strawberry Milk....

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Your drawings are so cute!
and i love neko ichi! X3
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Sigh..hopeyouare alright..but..if you are really..well..gone...hope you are resting...if you..ever come back,I'm still here
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have you finis neki hunt yet? i know has up to chapter 15
M4j1nr4bb1D Featured By Owner May 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sensei, I still miss you..I know you are busy but I know hope you are OK...I really hope so.

Anyways, this song I am about to sent is from one of my deared animes I watched long ago, and I wanna share it with you.


Please be OK, we miss you.
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HEY BBY. FOUND YOU :iconbrohugplz:
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Awesome. No words which could describe how much I love your work! Im a great fan of your art. I might share a new amazing song to you in return. [link]
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Senseeeeiiiiii! I'll still wait :3
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Happy women's friend ^^
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